Steps to Help Reduce Your Stress Levels

Date: Feb 26, 2016     By: Genesis Fitness    wellness
Stress isn’t something we can always control – but we can manage it and minimise its impact. Help keep happy and healthy with these easy stress management tips.

Tips to Avoid Overeating

Date: Feb 24, 2016     By: Genesis Fitness    Weight Loss
Your stomach is full and there’s still food on your plate - so, you continue to put more on your fork until you’re no longer truly enjoying what you’re forcing down. Overeating is easy, and we’ve all done it at one time or another, whether it’s a result of boredom, an inability to define true hunger – or just too much good food. Avoid the blowout by making sure you…

6 Must-Have Foods To Assist With Your Strength Training Goals

Date: Feb 19, 2016     By: Genesis Fitness    Strength and Tone
Make sure your gym visits aren’t going to waste by incorporating these six must-have foods into your meal plan.

4 Warm Up Activities to Get You Ready for Your Next Workout

Date: Feb 16, 2016     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness
Warming up is important to get blood flowing to your muscles, loosening up your joints and preparing the body for exercise. The same old treadmill hike may not always cut it, so get ready for your next workout by incorporating these four easy activities to get your heart pumping. Take note that during your warm up workout, you should feel your body slowly warming you’re your heart rate increase and light perspiration, however you shouldn’t be breaking a full sweat. Save that for your workout.

5 Ways to Avoid Burn Out

Date: Feb 11, 2016     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness
It may be that you’re stuck in a rut, under pressure or snowed under with a pile of work. Regardless of how it comes about, feeling burnt out is a sure-fire path to feeling unsatisfied and unproductive in your working environment. Avoid burn out before it happens with these five easy tips.

10 Tips From The Your New Beginning National Male Winner, 2015

Date: Feb 05, 2016     By: Genesis Fitness    Your New Beginning
The 2015 #2 Genesis Fitness Your New Beginning Male Winner, Fili Galumalemana achieved a amazing result during last year’s 12 week challenge. Fili lost 29kgs and lost 22.91% of his body weight. Here are 10 tips from Fili to motivate you during the challenge!


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