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Zone 1 Group Personal Training

Zone 1 Group Personal Training

Only $49.95 per week for unlimited sessions (Includes your gym membership) at Genesis Box Hill South.

What is Zone 1?

The aim of Zone 1 is to help people improve their health and fitness in a fun and controlled environment that is affordable and can be sustained over a longer period of time. We want to give members all the benefits of personal training with in a team environment. Our program is designed to ensure all levels of fitness can participate. Whether it is to begin your fitness journey or challenge yourself to fitness levels you never thought was possible. Each participant has their workout tailored to them, ensuring fast tracked results that will have you wishing you started earlier.

At Genesis Box Hill South, we have multiple dedicated training zones which are only available for Zone1 sessions. Our members wear MYZONE fitness tracker belts that will enable both the coach and member to accurately measure live data during and after your workouts. This will give you instant feedback and historical data on all Zone1 sessions. This is the best tool and the most accurate way to understand how your body responds to exercise and what gives you the best results.

Most of all you will leave Zone1 with a greater understanding of the true benefits of results based training, and a new found confidence in your own abilities to push yourself further when you never believed you could before.

So what are you waiting for? If you need help achieving results you have struggled to achieve, or need help losing that 5-10kg for an upcoming event then register today for a free zone 1 workout

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